Ginger is Summer and Roxy' younger sister.

Kalamajkás Kutyulik Ginger


Ginger is a very shy, pup believes in everything, and no-body can break out from her hopeing. She really loves all kind of animals, caring, and cuddling them all time. She's a baby at heart, and having a very big heart, like an open book for everyone.


  • She has a lot of plushes and she still sleeps with them.
  • She knows the forest like the back of her paw, knowing all of the animals living there, and cares them.
  • Ginger loves to recycle up things.
  • Though she cares all of the animals, she has a special pet-like grey fox named Flurry, who's living in the forest, but she always visiting Ginger in town.
  • Her closest friends, are Lea and Debby.
  • She's afraid of snakes and a bit of the dark, probably when she's alone.
  • she's got a secret place, a tower, what she found in the episode: The secret of the tower!